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ID Projekt Year Month Amount Type of Support
#58 Plastic2Paint 2024 April 500€ Support of Enactus Nigeria
#57 Citizens Forests 2024 March 1.000€ Donation for the charitable association
#56 Sheltersuit 2024 February 1.000€ Sponsoring of 4 sheltersuits
#55 WITNESS 2024 January 1.000€ Donation to support the WITNESS non-profit
ID Project Year Month Amount Type of Support
#54 African Baobab Alliance 2023 December 1.000€ Donation to support the alliance
#53 FirstAED 2023 November 1.500€ Donation to the German chapter Region der Lebensretter e.V.
#52 ARK 2023 October 1.000€ Support of ARK’s Feed Back program for 40 families
#51 innatura 2023 September 1.500€ Donation to the charitable enterprise
#50 Char2Cool 2023 August 1.500€ Donation to Char2Cool e.V. for pilot project in Sri Lanka by fuscum soil.
#49 Sit’N’Skate 2023 July 1.500€ Donation to SUPR SPORTS gGmbH for the support of the Sit’N’Skate project in Bremen.
#48 dooiy 2023 June 1.500€ Donation to the non-profit Hack Your Shack gGmbH for the further development of dooiy
#47 Fish’N’Bricks 2023 Mai 1.500€ Donation to Enactus e.V. of KIT Karlsruhe for the support of Fish’N’Bricks
#46 Crisis Action 2023 April 1.500€ Donation to support the non-profit umbrella organisation
#45 Coral Gardeners 2023 March 2.000€ We are the Reef membership to support the work of Coral Gardeners
#44 Cosmotaics 2023 February 1.500€ Support for the Cosmotaic founding team to further develop the prototype
#43 Chaim Humanitarian Clothing 2023 January 1.500€ Donation to EYD social gGmbH to strengthen the partnership with Chaiim Humanitarian Clothing
ID Project Year Month Amount Type of Support
#42 Hero Rats 2022 December 2.000€ Donation to Apopo, finances the care and deployment of 16 mine-clearing rats for one year.
#41 Between The Lines 2022 November 2.000€ Support for the non-profit association for the expansion of the app to the city of Duisburg
#40 Save the Grain 2022 September 1.500€ Donation for the further development of the solar dryer prototype via Enactus Köln e.V.
#39 Plastic Fischer 2022 July 1.200€ Equivalent to removing 1.2 tonnes of plastic waste from rivers, via membership of the Plastic Fisher Club
#38 The Blooming Project 2022 May 1.000€ Sponsoring an irrigation system for their own field
#37 Orange Sky 2022 April 1.000€ Funds 13 shifts of a van doing laundry for the homeless with volunteers.
#36 WorldWideWomen 2022 March 1.000€ Finances the training and mentoring of women entrepreneurs in Kenya and Nicaragua, among other countries
#35 Zeugen der Flucht 2022 February 1.000€ Helps to further develop the still young programme and expand it to other cities
#34 SeaSoilution 2022 January 1.000€ Support for the implementation of the first prototype within the framework of Enactus


ID Project Year Month Amount Type of Support
#33 Plasticpreneur 2021 November 1.500€ Funding a plastic shredding machine for Nepal
#32 Tip Me 2021 October 1.000€ Support for the crowdinvestment campaign
#31 Moufense 2021 August 1.250€ Support for the spin-off of a social business
#30 AfB – social&green IT 2021 June 2.000€ Investment in the partnership with AfB
#29 Discovering Hands 2021 May 1.000€ Strengthening the social entrepreneurship environment in Duisburg
#28 Africa GreenTec 2021 April 750€ Support for the crowdinvestment campaign
#27 Skateistan 2021 March 750€ Support for the non-profit umbrella organisation
#26 glassic 2021 January 1.250€ Support for the reusable pilot project on Ko Kut Island
#25 The Generation Forest 2020 November 1.500€ Funding of a share in the forest cooperative, held in trust by the Good Impact Foundation
#24 Education for Housing Swap 2020 October 1.250€ Donation to the non-profit Tausche Bildung für Wohnen e.V.
#23 mango solar 2020 August 2.500€ Impact loan to start-up in the process of being founded
#22 Project Healthy Children 2020 July 450€ Donation to the umbrella organisation Sanku – Project Healthy Children
#21 Namati 2020 June 475€ Donation to the international non-profit
#20 Between The Lines 2020 May 350€ Donation to the non-profit organisation Between The Lines e.V.
#19 Sanergy 2020 March 650€ Support through participation in crowdfunding via Bettervest
#18 Health4Bees 2020 January 2.500€ Impact Loan to the start-up in the process of being founded
#17 ShareTheMeal 2019 December 250€ Donation via the ShareTheMeal app
#16 Bike Bridge 2019 October 300€ Donation to the non-profit association Bike Bridge e.V.
#15 Forest Gum 2019 September 235€ Support for crowdfunding to pre-finance the very first production via Startnext
#14 Liter of Light 2019 August 250€ Donation to the Brazilian chapter Litro de Luz
#13 Pfandgeben App 2019 July 250€ Donation to Enactus e.V. at the University of Hanover
#12 Socialbnb 2019 June 200€ Donation to Enactus Cologne to support the spin-off of Socialbnb
#11 Ya Bana 2019 May 200€ Support for the non-profit association Yabana Global Care e.V.
#10 Swimsol 2019 April 250€ Participation in crowdfunding via the Econeers platform
#9 X-Runners 2019 March 150€ Donation to the X-Runners Association e.V.
#8 Samaki Aquapond 2019 February 100€ Support for the crowdfunding campaign via Startnext
#7 OneDollarGlasses 2018 December 75€ Donation to the non-profit EinDollarBrille association
#6 myclimate Mountain Gorilla 2018 November 56€ Donation via the myclimate Foundation
#5 Shiriki Mikrosolarkioske 2018 September 100€ Participation in crowdfunding via the Bettervest platform
#4 Conflict Food 2018 August 50€ Sponsorship via the purchase and donation of Conflict Food
#3 Street Football World 2018 July 15€ Donation to the non-profit Street Football World e.V.
#2 Replace Plastic App 2018 June 60€ Membership in the association Coast against Plastic e.V.
#1 ChillChoc 2018 May 20€ Support for the crowdfunding campaign via Startnext

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