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Newsletter archive

November 2023
Mission: Saving lives 🚑 ❤️

October 2023
SDG 2: No Hunger | Secure Food through Vegetable Exchanges

September 2023
Factory-new donations of goods 💟

August 2023
In action against invasive species 🌿 | Insightful Documentaries

July 2023
Inclusion through Sports | Sports documentaries 🎽

June 2023
DIY Solutions for empowerment and against Poverty 💪

May 2023
Valuable waste: Recycling of Ocean Plastic ♻️ | UN World Oceans Day 2023

April 2023
Peacemaking pioneers I Building bridges for justice ☮️

March 2023
Marine Ecosystem | Restoring Coral Reefs | Underwater Documentaries 🐠

February 2023
Changing lives with fashion | Solar parks as water farms | Marine eco system 🐠

January 2023
GOOD Recap 2022 | Fashion against Human Trafficking | Topic Preview: Water and Solar

December 2022
Did you hear? We are GOOD! 🚀 Have you read? How rats save lives 🐀
Gexsi is now GOOD — We have renamed Gexsi to GOOD!

May 2022
Sustainable cut flowers 🌷 Social startups help homeless people

April 2022
Thanks to you we make a difference in the world 🌏

March 2022
Social Impact through forward-looking projects 🚀

April 2021
Body lotion fights malaria | Peace building through clean energy

March 2021
New tools at Gexsi | Education through skateboarding | Less trash in the ocean

February 2021
Alternatives to Donations | Spotlight Eye Care | Less Waste in the Bathroom 

January 2021
Fighting plastic waste in Asia | Sustainable home office | Last year’s highlights

October 2020
Support your home region while searching the web; Fair fashion labels

August 2020
6 things Gexsi does better than Google; Launch new iPhone App

July 2020
Gexsi Impact Challenge Award goes to Mango Solar

June 2020
How new initiatives positively change the world

February 2020
The Gexsi App is live! 

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