Fish’N’Bricks – Buildings made from Ocean Plastic for island regions

Fish’N’Bricks – Buildings made from Ocean Plastic for island regions


Fish’N’Bricks helps communities in Indonesia make bricks from plastic collected from the ocean.

Fish’N’Bricks is a student project of Enactus KIT e.V. with the goal of building a sustainable start-up company. They not only want to remove plastic waste from the environment and thus make an active contribution to environmental and animal protection, but above all give waste a new, long-term value through recycling. The aim is to collect plastic from beaches, public facilities and private individuals. This waste will eventually be processed into plastic bricks, which offer countless applications in house construction. 

With their approach, the Fish’N’Bricks team wants to pave the way for a circular economy and is taking on a strong role model function here. Therefore, among other things, they take great care to process only single-grade plastic to enable future recycling of the bricks. 

Fish’N’Bricks initially set itself the goal of implementing the project in the Indonesian city of Ambon. On the one hand, Indonesia is particularly affected by the threats caused by plastic waste and, to date, has no infrastructure whatsoever for the disposal and recycling of enormous quantities of waste. On the other hand, the economic and social situation in Indonesia contributes in many places to problematic living conditions and the growth of slums. In these regions in particular, people struggle hard with environmental pollution caused by plastic waste. 

The Fish’N’Bricks team dedicates its work to four important topics:

  • Extreme plastic waste pollution
  • Poverty, unemployment and precarious housing situations
  • Lack of education and awareness on the issue of plastic waste
  • Interference with and displacement of fisheries

The project is already characterized by a well-established structure of the team and combines skills from different areas (strategy, engineering, material, public relations). There are also various collaborations with NGO’s, companies and research institutions to further develop the project idea. Fish’N’Bricks has already been honored with various awards in the past years, e.g. DB Award or Enactus National Cup 2022.


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🙌🏼 4. WIN-WIN 83%
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Contribution to the 17 Global Goals

Life below Water

Fish’N’Bricks reduces ocean plastic by collecting and processing plastic waste on beaches before it washes (again) into the sea.

Responsible Consumption and Production

By processing plastic waste directly on-site, Fish’N’Bricks contributes to a circular economy on Indonesia’s islands.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Fish’N’Bricks is pioneering new ways of recycling particularly for types of plastic waste that are typically considered non-recyclable.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Fish’N’Bricks contributes to the solution of the waste problem, especially for remote islands that use plastic or find it on the beaches but have not been able to make good use of it so far.

Climate Action

Fish’N’Bricks has a business model which allows the production of bricks with very little energy, hence substituting more energy-intense building materials.