Our vision: A world in which as many people as possible can bring about positive change. Straightforward, no extra costs and accessible for all.

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Our values

We are a social business that operates under the roof of the charitable Good Impact Foundation. We commit to allocate a minimum of 50%, better close to 100%, of the revenues, which we generate through our search engine, to support this mission.

We transferred our company shares to the charitable Good Impact Foundation (℅ Noah Foundation) to safeguard our mission.

We use the market to generate funds for good cause. Moreover, we support good causes with the most effective means, be it a donation, a social investment or any other support such as media work or supporting a crowdfunding campaign.

We also support young, innovative initiatives, which others – charities, investors, public programmes – find difficult to support. Unlike many others, we are open to taking risks.

We maintain a flexibility to support causes where opportunities arise. We support projects without asking for much paperwork, safeguarding the quality of the projects supported through other means like strong references through our network.

We love cooperation and actively look out for partnerships with organizations from all sectors, be it companies, other non-profits or technology partners. We seek to engage our stakeholders e.g. through seeking feedback in the process of selecting or evaluating the projects which we support, or the further growth of GOOD.

We follow the guidelines of the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft and publish all relevant information with regard to our governance and flows of funds. We form part of the global network of Certified B Corp, united by the mission to use business as a force for good, and publish the B Impact Report.

We seek to live our values also within our organization, based on the principles of soft communication, flat hierarchies, a diverse team, open-mindedness, tolerance, co-creation and a high appreciation of the work of the team. We see the people we work with, as human beings, not just as a resource.

We define environmental protection guidelines for our organization and review them regularly.

We have a policy to avoid waste in the home office and to reuse, recycle or safely dispose of hazardous waste (printer cartridges, batteries, etc.) and appoint a Zero Waste Officer to support the team: andrea@good-search.org