Save the Grain – Empowering smallholders to reduce crop waste

Save the Grain – Empowering smallholders to reduce crop waste

An effective low-tech solution to help smallholder farmers to improve their living

The student non-profit initiative Save the Grain from the University of Cologne has developed a simple solar dryer, which is used in Togo and Guineau-Bissau in West Africa. It can be used to dry agricultural products such as maize, cassava or even mangoes and store them safely in airtight bags all year round. The core innovation is the low-cost design. The dryer work without any electricity, just with the heat generated by the sun, and can be built to the greatest extent locally on-site. .

Who is behind Save the Grain?

Save the Grain is part of the worldwide university-based Enactus network. It was initially started as a German-Togolese student initiative and will soon be developed further as an independent social business. The Save the Grain team won second place at the Enactus Germany National Cup 2022 in June and at the same time was among the top 4 teams at international level in the global Enactus competition “Race to feed the Planet” and will pitch their solution at the Enactus World Cup in Puerto Rico in October.

Project evaluation

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Contribution to the 17 Global Goals

No Poverty

By drying and improving the storage of the crop, it can be sold all year round, not just at harvest time when prices are very low.

Zero Hunger

Crop losses are reduced, food can be kept longer.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Dissemination of low-cost, smart crop drying systems in rural areas.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Contributing to a zero-waste economy by reducing crop losses.

Quality Education

Save the Grain trains smallholder farmers on ways to reduce crop losses and increase revenues through smart timing.

Partnerships for the Goals

Through the Enactus network students from across the globe develop solutions for the 17 Global Goals.