AfB – Refurbishment of used IT equipment with social added value

AfB – Refurbishment of used IT equipment with social added value

AfB creates long-term jobs for people with disabilities

AfB is one of the pioneers of the social entrepreneurship community in Europe. The company with its inclusive, social entrepreneurial business model has already been on the market for 15 years and is now Europe’s largest non-profit IT company. AfB specialises in taking over used business IT, certified clearing, refurbishing and remarketing it. Equipment that can no longer be marketed is dismantled and professionally recycled. This protects the environment and saves valuable resources. AfB stands for “Work for People with Disabilities”. All process steps are barrier-free, because at AfB people with and without disabilities work hand in hand.

Today, the company is 95% self-financed through the sale of refurbished IT equipment. This facilitates the further scaling of the business model and thus 1:1 coupling of the social impact – the employment of people with disabilities. About 45% of the employees belong to this group.

Jobs for disadvantaged young people – AfB cooperation with JOBLINGE

Many companies donate their used IT-hardware to a good cause through AfB. One example is AfB’s cooperation with JOBLINGE. JOBLINGE helps young people make the leap into working life by providing them with tailor-made qualifications, voluntary mentoring and support during their training. AfB contributes to its success with the technical infrastructure, including equipment donated by companies and refurbished by AfB. The donation, which is made possible by the searches of Gexsi users, is used by AfB for this partnership.

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How AfB – social & green IT contributes to the 17 Global Goals

Quality Education

Ensuring equal opportunities is linked to an access to good learning tools. AfB supports educational projects worldwide by providing IT devices.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

IT remarketing contributes to the sustainable extraction of raw materials and the reduction of e-waste landfills in the Global South.

Reduced Inequalities

By creating inclusive workplaces, AfB promotes the social and economic inclusion as well as the self-determination of people with disabilities.

Responsible Consumption and Production

AfB helps reduce resource consumption, emissions and e-waste by reusing IT hardware.

Climate Action

Reuse and recycling of IT devices leads to savings in emissions, raw materials and energy and thus contributes to climate protection.

Project Assessment

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