innatura – Brand-new goods for charities

innatura – Brand-new goods for charities

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Not every consumer product produced is actually sold

The rationale of innatura is simple and powerful: Not all products which are produced, actually make it to the market in the end. Often, tiny issues such as wrong labels or a change in design are the reason behind this. Or the companies simply produced too much.Typically, the products are then discarded.

The social enterprise innatura works with corporates and develops strategies to rescue brand-new goods from the factories to be disposed of, with a view to allocate them to social welfare organizations. This boosts a circular economy and supports the social sector.

The role model for innatura is In Kind Direct in the UK, a pioneering social enterprise which started its operations as early as in the 1990s.

We chose the project because it shows how you can achieve an incredible amount of positive impact with entrepreneurial spirit and a social business idea. Just as many initiatives are working today to save food that would otherwise be destroyed, innatura is transferring the idea to many other product areas and thus creating an enormous impact that can be successively increased.


Project Evaluation

😀 1. PEOPLE 80%
Does the project solve pressing societal challenges?
🌍 2. PLANET 73%
Does the project protect our environment and conserve natural resources?
Is the solution innovative, inspiring and has the power to drive real change?
🙌🏼 4. WIN-WIN 73%
Can we support the project effectively with our means?

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Contribution to the 17 Global Goals

Responsible Consumption and Production

Rescuing brand-new consumer goods that would otherwise be disposed of

Reduced Inequalities

Consumer goods at heavily discounted prices for those in need.

Good Health and Well-Being

Better provision of hygiene products for disadvantaged groups

Partnerships for the Goals

Connecting the corporate sector with the welfare sector

No Poverty

Needs-based support for people at the bottom of the income pyramid




Photos: © Karin Desmarowitz / Innatura