Chill Choc hemp cocoa

Chill Choc hemp cocoa

Your Impact

Financing period: 11.05.2018 to 26.05.2018
With your help we have supported the Chill Choc Startup as follows:

  • Financial

    We participated with 20 Euro in the Startnext Crowdfunding campaign of ChillChoc. We raffle off the cocoa products purchased with it within our community.

  • Network

    We have networked the founders of ChillChoc with the founders of KoaWach, whom we also know.

  • Media

    Storytelling about ChillChoc is planned as part of our regular media work.

Securing the knowledge of indigenous peoples for the future

The sloth is a symbol of slowness; here it stands for Slow Food. Dave and Burkard are two inventors who, over the years, have been working on the knowledge of indigenous peoples about organic farming. They want to make it accessible to smallholders around the world. But only how? And without being dependent on donations? The solution: a social startup that produces a cocoa relaxing drink, the proceeds of which are used to co-finance a mentoring programme for small farmers in Sri Lanka and Brazil. The first batch of Chill Choc is to be financed by crowdfunding. We support the campaign on Startnext.

More information:

Why chosen

We first met Dave and Burkhard at the Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin and then at the Social Innovation Camp in Stuttgart. We’re excited about how the two of them are able to pursue their goal with staying power and thinking entrepreneurially at the same time. With their startup Chill Choc, they are scoring points in an unbelievably wide range of impact dimensions, at our local level (sustainable consumption, nutrition) and in the producing countries, where Chill Choc makes a contribution to securing the foundations of tropical agriculture in the long term. And they do this with a social business approach that is ultimately financially self-sustaining and can therefore be scaled more easily than a donation project.

People 75%
Impact with us and with the cooperatives
Planet 85%
Organic farming
Profit 80%
Social Business approach
Innovation 75%
Entrepreneurial solution to a problem that is otherwise only addressed by NGOs
Win-win 80%
Team personally known, support for current Startnext campaign



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