Forest Gum – plastic-free chewing gum

Forest Gum – plastic-free chewing gum


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Financing period: 17 August to 1 October 2019
With your help we have supported Forest Gum as follows:

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    We participate in the crowdfunding campaign via Startnext in the amount of the generated revenues.

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    Storytelling about the Forest Gum and related initiatives who work with natural wild-grown ingredients is part our media work.


Forest Gum – plastic-free chewing gum

Do good, chew good: Why it is time for a different type of chewing gum
Ever chewed on plastic? For sure. Because most conventional chewing gums contain plastic. It is declared on the packaging as “chewing mass” and is based on the same petrochemical base as plastic bottles or car tyres. Most plastic takes centuries to rot, as we all know. All in all quite unpleasant.
That’s why the founders of Forest Gum set out to find a good alternative, travelled around the world, cooked and experimented and finally developed a simple recipe: refreshing taste, natural ingredients, no sugar. Forest Gum does without artificial flavours, chemical additives and above all plastic as a chewing mass.
Forest Gum starts with a sugar-free natural chewing gum in the flavour mint – the classic for fresh breath. Other flavours are to follow.
The chewing mass of Forest Gum is obtained from the juice of the chicle tree. It grows in the Central American rainforests. The sustainable harvest through local cooperatives contribute to their conservation, and improves the livelihood of local communities.

Who is behind the project?

Forest Gum is an idea by Thomas Krämer, which he now puts into practice as founder. Thomas is a big forest fan – perhaps because he spent a lot of time there at a young age. Or because of his studies at the forestry faculty of the TU Munich. Or simply because the preservation of our unique planet is close to his heart – and the protection of the forests as CO2 sinks is the most effective way to achieve this. In addition to love for nature, there is the desire for fair cooperation. Also and especially in the world of business. Thomas has already experienced in recent years that this is possible: First as part of the Viva con Agua community, then as Managing Director of Lemonaid, a fair lemonade from Hamburg Sankt Pauli. With Forest Gum this journey now continues.
Almost right from the start: Maren Haverkamp. She gives Forest Gum a face as a brand with great ideas, creativity and attention to detail. After several years in renowned agencies, Maren has already successfully worked on ideas and concepts for a better world as brand manager at Lemonaid.

More Information

Why chosen

People 85%
Stable income for local cooperatives; healthy nutrition
Planet 85%
Sustainable, plastic-free consumption; rainforest protection
Profit 90%
Using business as a force for good; growing impact with growing sales
Innovation 70%
Chicle as chewing gum mass is not new, but rarely used
Win-win 90%
Ongoing crowdfunding campaign; strong references



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