Plasticpreneur – Empowering people to recycle plastic waste

Plasticpreneur – Empowering people to recycle plastic waste


Empowering people to recycle plastics, anywhere in the world

Most of the materials we know were originally produced on a small scale. The reuse of residual materials was an integral part of the craft. This was the case with wood, metal or glass. Large-scale industrial production followed centuries or even millennia later. Not so with plastics: The plastics developed in the 20th century were manufactured on a large industrial scale from the outset. The recycling of plastics, too, has so far been thought of solely on an industrial scale. As a result, there are hardly any manufacturers of machines and systems that enable plastics to be recycled on a decentralized, small scale. This gap is filled by the Lower Austrian startup Plasticpreneur.

Plasticpreneur develops and sells machines and equipment that – packaged small – can be used anywhere in the world, enabling recycling of plastic waste even on a smaller scale. The versatile machines all meet high-end European quality and safety standards, yet are priced to make them viable for smaller initiatives. The individual components such as shredders or a spraying machine are each priced in the four-digit range.

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Customers are both the “maker scene” in developed countries, including science centers, and in particular initiatives in the global south that use plastic waste as raw materials for new products and thus make a decisive contribution to a circular economy. Last but not least, international networks such as Precious Plastic receive requests for machines from all corners of the globe. Deliveries have already been made to 55 countries.

Plasticpreneur is a young startup that has already won several awards, such as the Social Impact Award with the mentoring program attached to it or the Trigos Award 2021 in the category Social Entrepreneurship. The rapid growth shows that it fills a real gap with its business model and thus combines purpose and profit in a special way.

How Plasticpreneur works shows this video:


How Plasticpreneur contributes to the 17 Global Goals

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Plasticpreneur provides the infrastructure to recycle plastic waste through local initiatives anywhere in the world

Responsible Consumption and Production

Zero Waste Economy – Plasticpreneur opens up a wide variety of new recycling opportunities.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Plasticpreneurs creating new jobs especially in base-of-the-pyramid markets.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Development of machines that enable recycling of plastic waste at low cost even on a small scale.

Life on Land

Reducing waste, among others in sensitive areas (e.g. Nepal mountain villages).

Project Assessment

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