Socialbnb – Book your stay at a local non-profit

Socialbnb – Book your stay at a local non-profit


Your Impact

Financing period: 14 May to 11 June 2019
With your help we will support Socialbnb as follows:

  • Financial

    We will support Socialbnb with the revenues which we generate within the funding period.

  • Media

    Storytelling about Socialbnb is part of our regular media work.


Socialbnb enables a new way of sustainable traveling

Socialbnb is an innovative travel portal that arranges homestays with local charitable organizations who benefit from an additional source of income. 


Millions of people rely on the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in their day-to-day life. No matter whether its education, human rights, gender equality, all over the world NGOs are working on thousands of ambitious projects tackling global problems on a local level. Unfortunately, many of these projects cannot be realized as they are too dependent on extern donations. But a lot of these NGOs have unused rooms available that can easily be turned into accommodation for travelers. At the same time, we show a new way of sustainable traveling, creating awareness for our NGOs as well as supporting them financially.


Thus, Socialbnb is an online platform where local NGOs can list their unused rooms as accommodation for travelers. And the price of their stay goes straight into the project, helping NGOs to become financially independent.

Our Story

In 2016, one of our team members traveled through Cambodia and met a man with a passion for giving children a fair chance. In order to accomplish this mission he wanted to build a school and hire a teacher to provide English lessons for the children in his village. Yet, Mr. T. struggled to pursue his mission as his small NGO was too dependent on external donations. We saw the opportunity to help Mr. Thy achieve his goal by making use of the many free rooms he had next to his house as accommodation facilities for travelers. In just three months we were able to welcome just about 20 travelers in Pang Na. That way, Mr. Thy was able to pay an English teacher for the class as well as invest in books to improve their learning experience. Soon, we realized that Mr. Thy might not be the only one in such a situation. So we started our mission to find more NGOs that could profit from our concept.

Who is behind the project?

Socialbnb is part of the student initiative Enactus, a worldwide organization that aims to tackle social and ecological problems with social entrepreneurship. Currently, the team consist of 17 students with diverse study backgrounds who work daily on expanding their network and vision: a better future by enabling all NGOs over the world to improve the livelihood of men and women, to preserve our environment or to take care of animals in need.

More Information

Why chosen

People 95%
Socialbnb especially helps smaller, local organizations; and inspires travellers.
Planet 75%
Socialbnb sets new impulses for sustainable travel and promotes regional cycles.
Profit 90%
Socialbnb is an entirely market-based approach, for a good cause.
Innovation 85%
Socialbnb turns Airbnb′s concept into a social business concept.
Win-win 85%
High Mission Alignment with our partner Enactus.


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