WorldWideWomen – Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

WorldWideWomen – Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Education as a Building Block for a Self-Determined Life for Women

Many women in the global South have limited access to schooling and vocational training. As a result, they have little chance of finding a job which enables them to support their families. Many women therefore take initiative and start their own small business to generate income. However, they usually lack the necessary tools and knowledge to unleash the power of entrepreneurship.

This is where the WorldWideWomen program comes in, which has been designed by the Austrian non-profit organisation ICEP: It targets women in low-income regions in the global South who want to become self-employed but lack guidance and basic knowledge. Through ICEPs partner organizations, they are taught business basics coupled with individual coaching. In addition, cooperations with microfinance institutions can provide financial start-up capital if needed.

The model is based on a multiplier approach. ICEP works a lot with students who attend university but who themselves come from rural areas: young women who distinguish themselves through leadership and a good education, who find access to rural women through mentality and language. Very often, these multipliers are proud to be able to bring something back to the regions where they come from. They are trained by the ICEP partner organisations and are professionally accompanied in their work.

The great advantage of the program is that it reaches the target groups in their own home regions.Because hardly any of the women would have the time and the money to travel to the next big city to attend a business course.

The programme is currently offered in Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda and Nicaragua. More than 1500 trained multipliers are involved. In total, more than 10,000 women have been trained since the start of the programme.


More information can be found in the video of the current fundraising campaign:

WorldWideWomen’s contribution to the 17 goals

Gender Equality

Empowerment of women as the primary goal of the programme

Quality Education

High-quality business training tailored to the needs of the target groups

No Poverty

Strengthening the financial situation of families in low-income regions

Partnerships for the goals

Entrepreneurial education as a sustainable form of development cooperation

Reduced Inequalities

Empowerment of women, especially in rural areas, as disadvantaged groups

Project Assessment

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