Sit’N’Skate – Inclusion in skateparks and everyday life

Sit’N’Skate – Inclusion in skateparks and everyday life

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Wheelchair sports in skateparks to promote inclusion and participation in society

Sit’N’Skate is a non-profit organisation that works towards a more inclusive society and aims to reduce prejudice towards handicapped people and wheelchair users. The project was started by Lisa and David Lebuser in Hamburg. The idea was to show that a wheelchair does not only have to be a basic aid but can also be a cool and stylish piece of sports equipment. The team around the two founders has grown steadily since then and their wheelchair skate services can now be found in various German cities.

The vision of Sit’N’Skate is to provide people in wheelchairs with a low-threshold movement experience to make everyday wheelchair use easier. For this purpose, regular wheelchair skate meetings are offered in Bremen, Dortmund, Hamburg and Hanover to improve the mobility and independence of wheelchair users. 

The project also offers a variety of other activities, including wheelchair sports in schools, various summer camps for children and young people with and without disabilities, and inclusive skate events for all types of wheelchair sports. In Sit’N’Skate’s latest programme, ramps are distributed to shops in Hamburg whose entrances have steps. This improves accessibility and removes barriers for wheelchair users.

To share their knowledge and experience, Sit’N’Skate also runs a learning platform and its own YouTube channel with videos on wheelchair skating and living with disabilities. In this way, wheelchair users are supported and encouraged in their familiar environment to train their skills and use of the wheelchair in everyday life.

Through their versatile activities, Sit’N’Skate makes a significant contribution to changing the way people with disabilities and wheelchair users are perceived. They promote an inclusive society in which prejudices are reduced and people with disabilities are recognised as equal members of society. Sit’N’Skate is committed to increasing the mobility, independence and participation of people in wheelchairs, thereby creating a more positive and inclusive future.


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Contribution to the 17 Global Goals

Reduced Inequalities

Strengthening the participation and inclusion of people in wheelchairs and with disabilities in society and reducing prejudices

Good Health and Well-Being

Make it easier for people with disabilities to cope with daily life through low-threshold movement experiences and instructions

Partnerships for the goals

Working with other non-profit organisations to realise ideas and achieve goals

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Promoting a tolerant and inclusive society where no one is left behind

Quality Education

A dedicated learning platform helps people in wheelchairs to handle their wheelchairs more easily