Shiriki Mikro – Solar kiosk

Shiriki Mikro – Solar kiosk

Your Impact

Financing period: 31.08.2018 to 28.09.2018
With your help we have supported the Bettervest Microsolarkiosk project as follows:

  • Financial

    We participated with 100€ in the Crowdinvesting campaign.

  • Network

    We met with the Bettervest founder Patrick Mijnals and talked about our experiences as a Certified B Corp.

  • Media

    Storytelling about Bettervest and updates about the solar kiosk project are planned as part of our regular media work.

Digital networking in East Africa

Through the crowdfunding platform Bettervest, we supported the production and installation of 80 mobile solar hubs, so-called “Shiriki hubs”, in Rwanda. In Swahili “Shiriki” means “sharing” and that’s exactly what this kiosk on wheels does. The Shiriki hub as a business-in-a-box is to be operated by independent franchisees and will provide customers with solar power and Internet access.

ARED – African Renewable Energy Distributor Ltd. wants to close the digital divide through freely available Internet by distributing the Shiriki hubs throughout Rwanda and later in large parts of southern Africa. In Rwanda only 30% of the population have access to electricity, in rural areas the figure is only 12%. Approximately 75% of the population (8.9 million people) use mobile phones, but have no access to low-cost WiFi networks.

The mobile Shiriki hub Solarkiosk enables low-cost digital access without having to rely on a network infrastructure. For a fee, customers can use the solar hubs to recharge their mobile phones with solar power and also take advantage of other services, such as the use of the Internet/Intranet or payment systems. Each Shiriki hub can connect up to 50 people within 100 meters of the Internet. This additional offer sets the Shiriki Hub apart from other providers on the market.
The crowdfunding platform Bettervest enables participation in an interest-bearing subordinated loan. This enables us to achieve a double effect. We are now helping to scale the solar hubs and, if the project is successful, we can support further projects later with the repaid loan.

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Why chosen

The micro solar kiosk project inspires us all around! Especially in Africa there are many solar kiosks, solar lamps and rural electrification projects. The mobile Shiriki Kiosk is something very special from our point of view.

  • It addresses the problem of insufficient access to digital services. For us as a digital start-up, this is not insignificant.
  • With the “Business-in-a-Box” concept, the project creates new, fair jobs in underdeveloped regions.
  • The project is scalable and designed in such a way that if Gexsi is successful, the invested money (interest) is returned to him, so that we can then support other projects that then need start-up assistance.
    We think this is great.
People 90%
Access to WiFi and Internet-based services for people who have so far been dependent on digital development. At the same time, job creation, especially for women.
Planet 75%
Savings of approx. 130,000 litres of diesel per year for electricity from generators.
Profit 90%
A social franchise model ready with a micro-scale business model
Innovation 75%
A mobile solar kiosk can reach out to new, under-served target groups
Win-win 80%
Leverage by making the Bettervest crowd investment campaign more visible



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