The Blooming Project – Making the flower industry sustainable

The Blooming Project – Making the flower industry sustainable

Allowing sustainability to blossom

To this day, there are various problems in conventional cut flower cultivation – and only very few people know about them. The problems are manifold. Soils are excessively stressed with chemical fertilisers, pesticides and monocultures, groundwater is also polluted and biodiversity is drastically reduced. In the main countries where cut flowers are grown (South Africa and America), there is also an increasing lack of water and the exploitation of workers. The flowers either have to be flown or shipped from far away or grown in heated greenhouses in the Netherlands – either way an enormous environmental burden. By growing the cut flowers regionally in the open in the immediate vicinity of the points of sale, we save these emissions.

The two founders ofThe Blooming Project have made it their mission to offer regional, seasonal and organically grown cut flowers, following the example of the Slowflower movement. In this way,The Blooming Project create an alternative to the conventional cut flower offer. The vision: to let sustainability blossom together. Part of the business model is cooperation, from which synergies can arise: The team works together with farmers and florists in a fair way that benefits everyone. The blooming project uses the farmers’ unused land, which thus gains in biodiversity.

The Blooming Project wants to bring more transparency into the cut flower business and bring cultivation back to our region – because cut flowers can certainly be cultivated in our latitudes. This promotes biodiversity and helps to get more insects back into the local fields.

To realise its goals, the initiative is currently cultivating an area of 1,000 square metres in the Weinviertel in an ecological way. In spring, the first flowers are ready for harvesting and are either sold to florists or tied into bouquets and sold by us. Thus we combine 2 areas: Flower cultivation and flower sales, which in turn results in a completely transparent and traceable value chain.

Learn more about The Blooming Project in this video (with English subtitles):

The The Blooming Project’s contribution to the 17 Global Goals

Responsible Consumption and Production

Strengthening regional, sustainable value chains in the cut flower industry

Life on Land

Promote a shift in the cut flower industry towards regional, seasonal, sustainable cultivation

Sustainable cities and communities

Cultivation of cut flowers regionally, close to the city, with shorter transport routes

Good health and well-being

Avoidance of chemicals and pesticides in cut flower production

Project Assessment

You can access the full project assessment here:


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