Tip Me – Giving something back to the makers

Tip Me – Giving something back to the makers

With Tip Me you can give something back directly to the individual garment workers who made your clothes

To give a tip is an expression of appreciation. Besides, it improves the living conditions of people in low-paid sectors. To give a tip is a habit when we go to a restaurant. What if we could tip those people who give a great effort to produce the clothes which we buy? This is exactly the idea behind tip-me. The startup from Cologne in Germany empowers us consumers to tip exactly the worker who sewed our clothes. The tip goes directly to this person, one hundred percent. The company itself receives its revenues from the participating shops.

You can find out more about Tip Me in our GOOD article “Tip the workers who make your clothes“.

Learn more about Tip Me in this video from their current Crowdinvestment campaign:

How Tip Me contributes to the 17 Global Goals

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Fair wages and decent work conditions in the garment sector in the Global South

Responsible consumption and production

Engaging the consumer to boost better working conditions; improving transparency in the supply chain.

Reduced inequalities

Supporting garment workers at risk

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Making use of digital tools to track the supply chain.

Project Assessment

You can access the full project assessment here:


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