“We envision a future where plastic waste is no longer a burden, but a valuable resource.” – Interview with Dominion Baidoo

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Dominion Baidoo aims to tackle plastic pollution and malaria. His Nigerian startup Plastic 2 Paint produces high-quality wall paint from recycled drinking water sachets – infused with organic insect repellent.

Dominion Baidoo’s goal is to reduce plastic pollution and fight malaria simultaneously. He co-founded Plastic 2 Paint (P2P) at Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria in 2023. The student-led startup produces high-quality wall paint from drinking water sachets, adding an organic insect repellent. The Enactus project has gained international recognition as a finalist in the Action with Africa competition. Read how the idea came about and where the journey is heading.


What problem do you solve with P2P? Why exactly does it need your solution?

Our project solves the issue of Plastic waste, and Malaria. The presence of plastic waste has caused blockages in culverts and drainages, leading to flooding. Moreover, stagnant water that accumulates in these blockages serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Additionally, when plastic waste is disposed of in dumpsites, it is often burned, releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere.

What did you do before you started the current project/company?

We worked on upcycling plastic into Polish.

What or who motivated you to become a social entrepreneur?

I’ve always believed that being a part of the solution is far more impactful than being a part of the problem. It’s a feeling of immense satisfaction when you can do something that not only solves everyday problems but also brings joy and happiness to people’s lives. The thought of putting a smile on someone’s face through my actions is priceless and is something that motivates me every day. It’s a reminder that I can do great things from a small place.

Which of your achievements has been particularly memorable for you?

The memory of the first house we painted is one that I hold dear to my heart. It was a small, cozy home that belonged to a mother and her two daughters. As part of the team that painted the house, I witnessed firsthand the joy and gratitude that lit up their faces as they watched as the walls of their homes became mosquito repellant.

Were there any especially challenging moments? What have you learned from these?

While working to make P2P mosquito repellant we conducted numerous tests and research, we faced countless failures. However, I learned a valuable lesson during this process: To achieve meaningful change, one must persist and keep moving forward, step by step. You never know what could be waiting around the corner, so it’s quintessential to keep pushing forward. With determination, perseverance, and the grace of God, you can achieve anything!

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„We can do great things from small places!
Dominion Baidoo, Co-Founder

Where do you want to take your journey in the future and what are your next big goals?

Our ultimate goal is to become a major player in the global fight against plastic pollution. We envision a future where plastic waste is no longer a burden, but a valuable resource. Our next big goals are to scale up production, improve our paints’ functionality and quality, and continue empowering local communities, We want P2P to be a model for sustainable waste management by collaborating with policymakers and other businesses to promote plastic upcycling and encourage a circular economy.

What do you wish you had known before you started your project/company? What advice would you give to others?

Before we started we underestimated the complexity of the upcycling process. Finding the most efficient and responsible methods for collecting, sorting, and cleaning plastic waste took much more time and experimentation than anticipated. My advice is to embrace the challenges and stay focused on your vision. The most rewarding part is seeing the positive impact your work creates.

What podcast do you listen to regularly? Which book is an absolute must-read for you?

A podcast I regularly listen to is The Diary of a CEO, and a must-read for me is William McDonough’s book From Cradle to Cradle – Remaking the Way We Make Things.

What are your tips for doing good in everyday life? Where do you find it rather difficult to live sustainably?

It is important to educate oneself on sustainable practices. Knowledge makes it easier to make informed choices. Start by making small changes to your routine, such as using reusable bags while shopping and choosing a re-usable water bottle. However, the lack of infrastructure is a challenge. Recycling and composting options may not be readily available in all areas. In some communities, there is also a shortage of waste management systems. This can make it difficult to live sustainably.

Which organization or start-up impresses you and is a true role model?

Precious Plastic

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… Risk takers

Is there anything else you would like to share?

We can do great things from small places!

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