“We want to make the sports industry more sustainable.” – Interview Frederik Hornung

©Frederik Hornung, ZamBam Sports

Frederik Hornung is a doer. His answers are brief, to the point. With the same dynamic he is turning his idea of sustainable shin guards into a social enterprise.

As an enthusiastic soccer player, Frederik Hornung spent his social year abroad with a local soccer team in Zambia. There he noticed that there were many injuries due to a lack of shin guards. He came back to Germany with the idea of making them from locally available bamboo and founded the social enterprise ZamBam Sports through the Enactus university team at the University of Augsburg. Right from the start, he wanted both sides to benefit from the sustainable shin guards “made in Zambia” via a buy-1-sponsor-1 model.


What problem do you solve with ZamBam Sports? Why exactly does it need your solution?

Fair global value chains and circular, resource-saving sporting goods!

What did you do before you started the current project/company?

High school graduation, soccer coach, voluntary social service in Zambia, student

What or who motivated you to become a social entrepreneur?

The feeling of wanting to give something back to the community. Work with meaning, fun and identification.

Which of your achievements have been particularly memorable for you?

Social Impact Award 2021 – first award, realizing that it could work out

Were there any moments that were especially challenging? What have you learned from these?

A hell of a lot, such as the Sambia suspension, TÜV feedback, farewells to team members.

© Frederik Hornung | ZamBam Sports

„Unsere Motto ist „Fairer Fußball für alle“ – Fair für die Mitarbeitenden. Fair für die Umwelt. Fair für den Sport.”
— Frederik Hornung, Co-Founder

Where do you want to take your journey in the future and what are your next big goals?

Field trip to onboard production partners, market launch of shin guards, expansion of product portfolio and partner network.

What do you wish you had known before you started your project/company? What advice would you give to others?

PPE norms (personal protective equipment), CE certification, Business with Africa

What podcast do you listen to regularly? Which book is an absolute must-read for you personally?

Formerly “Geil Montag” and “Purpose Projects”, “Project Drawdown” by Paul Hawken is a must-read!

What are your tips for doing good in everyday life? Where do you find it rather difficult to live sustainably?

49€ flat rate ticket for public transport saves money and protects the environment. Food and travel to Africa are difficult.

Which organisation or start-up impresses you and is in your opinion a true role model?


Complete this sentence: The world needs more …

… circularity.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thanks GOOD!


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