dooiy – DIY Solutions to Alleviate Poverty

dooiy – DIY Solutions to Alleviate Poverty


Empowering people in underserved regions by spreading simple do-it-yourself instructions

With dooiy, social startup Hack Your Shack offers a digital do-it-yourself (DIY) platform to improve living conditions for underserved communities. How can you grow vegetables, sew sanitary napkins, make soap or build furniture in a small space? Answers to questions like these and help with implementation can be sustainably life-changing and inspiring for many people. The team at dooiy believes in the power of making: just do it yourself with simple instructions. Their goal is to encourage do-it-yourselfers to experience self-efficacy in a challenging life environment. People who help each other also create new solutions together. This requires making this knowledge accessible. In addition to the app, workshops are held on site. Support is provided by the growing network of universities, NGOs, community organizations and community makers, whose innovations are made more visible.

With access to simple innovations like water filters, vertical gardens or solar lamps, more than 2 billion people could change their lives for the better. The Internet offers a huge opportunity to make this vision a reality. The problem: Many (new) Internet users cannot find relevant solutions to their daily challenges. This is because almost all of the content on popular DIY platforms is not relevant to people living without, for example, electricity, sanitation or other basic infrastructure. dooiy publishes detailed instructions and business models that are relevant to people in underserved communities and feasible with local resources.

dooiy should really be available to anyone with a smartphone. That’s why the app is free, uses little data, is battery-friendly and intuitive to use. Soon, offline use will also be possible, users with reading difficulties will be supported, and community translations will be offered in many languages. The offerings are low-threshold, so prior knowledge, extensive tools or expensive building materials are not required. The vision: dooiy as a source of knowledge that has the power to improve even the poorest living conditions.

“Too much valuable knowledge remains hidden – we want to provide a platform to make it easily accessible to all.” Christian, Co-Founder of dooiy


Project Evaluation

😀 1. PEOPLE 87%
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🌍 2. PLANET 63%
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Is the solution innovative, inspiring and has the power to drive real change?
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Can we support the project effectively with our means?

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Contribution to the 17 Global Goals

No Poverty

Reduce poverty in underserved regions by helping people help themselves through an easy accessible DIY platform via smartphone.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Spreading life-enhancing, easy-to-implement DIY solutions accessible to all via smartphone.

Responsible Consumption and Production

By implementing DIY projects locally, dooiy contributes to a circular economy in underserved regions.

Reduced Inequalities

The low-threshold offer is aimed at people at the lower end of the income pyramid; everyone can participate in the transfer of knowledge.

Partnerships for the goals

Collaborations and networks are key in spreading DIY solutions accessible to all around the world.