Here’s what you can do now to support Ukraine

© Matti / Pexels

The war in Ukraine is shocking for all of us and many people want to help. That’s why we want to share several ways you can take action right now.

The current political situation is more than disturbing. We condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The devastating effects of war, as seen in ongoing armed conflicts around the globe, have long-term negative consequences for people, communities, infrastructure, the economy, public health care and social order.

We want to show solidarity – This overview shows you which different organisations need support, how you can raise your voice for peace and justice and how you can actively help.

1. Support as a Volunteer

  • Volunteers from Germany
    can sign up on this list to pick up Ukrainians from Poland or from the Ukrainian border.
  • Private accommodation
    for Ukrainians in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Austria can be entered into this 
  • Offer sleeping facilities
    Ukrainian leftists in Germany have created a 
    Google For­mu­lar where you can register sleeping facilities in Germany.
  • Berlin helps
    Information collected by „Berlin hilft“ to support Ukrainians.


2. Inform yourself, sign petitions, demonstrate peacefully

  • Demonstrate #StandwithUkraine
    Check out the official Stand with Ukraine page for all the latest demonstrations in cities around the world.
  • Petitions via
    Sign petitions via
  • Inform yourself using reliable media sources
    Distinguish serious from dubious sources with the overview of Bayerischer Rundfunk.
  • Ukraine world
    Here you can find independent news, articles, podcasts, videos, reports and analyses directly from Ukraine.
  • Kyiv Independent
    Read on Kyiv independent how the invasion and conflict are affecting citizens, the economy and Ukrainian foreign policy.
  • Understanding Ukraine
    The taxpayer-funded think tank Centre for Liberal Modernity has set up the site Understanding Ukraine.
  • Reporters Without Borders
    Support Reporters without Borders to give independent journalism a voice.


3. Switch or change your own contracts and service providers now

  • Green bank switch
    Switch now to a green bank that does not finance military forces. We recommend for example Tomorrowbank, Umweltbank, GLS Bank, or Triodos Bank, which invests your money exclusively in a sustainable way.
  • Sustainable insurance
    Switching to a sustainable insurance company that invests your money ethically is also a step in the right direction: Good24, for example, which is a social insurance broker, donates part of its commissions to sustainable projects. VRK has also already received an award for its sustainability efforts.
  • Clean energy
    Clean Energy suppliers are the better choice, make sure they exclusively offer energy from renewable sources, such as they do at LichtBlick, EWS Elektrizitätswerke Schönau or Green Planet Energy.
  • Alternative search engine
    With GOOD – the search engine for a better world, we support innovative social projects. Make GOOD your default search engine and do good every day.


4. Donate to trustworthy organisations



This is not a final list, we welcome any tips and feedback from the community! If you have any additional suggestions or further ideas on how to support Ukraine, please send us an email to: