Our contribution to climate protection

Doing no harm to the environment is not enough. Businesses need to be part of the solution. We are therefore pursuing a regenerative business model that makes a positive contribution in tackling our environmental and climate crisis.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Shared office, no air travel, climate-neutral data centres for our search

Double CO2 compensation

Offsetting all CO2 emissions of the search irrespective of the climate protection efforts of our partners

Social innovations for climate protection

Promotion of innovative climate protection solutions with social impact via our Impact Portfolio

Our CO2 balance: climate-positive


How CO2-intensive is a GOOD search?

A search query with GOOD requires relatively little energy. The directly attributable emissions are 0.2g. If you also include storage and indexing and apply this to the number of search queries, you can calculate up to 1.45g per search query. In contrast, streaming videos (Netflix, Instagram) or phone calls (Zoom, Teams, FaceTime etc.), for example, consume drastically more energy.

CO2 consumption depends on: Origin of electricity (water / solar/nuclear etc.), internet connection (DSL / fibre optic/mobile: UMTS, 5G etc.), characteristics of car (size, model etc.), origin and rearing of animal, method of production


Rainforest conservation in the Amazon

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