BERLIN — 6 DEC 2022

Gexsi is becoming GOOD

With the new name, a new design and cool new features, we’re ready for the next steps. However, to be clear, we have kept the tried and true: our non-profit structure, our great team, our support of projects with innovative solutions with 100% of the search engine’s revenue, and our conviction to fight together with you for a better world!

Search and do good – now with a new name, new design and new features!

The new name

For us, the rebranding to GOOD represents the next logical step towards further development. With the new name, we see great potential for additional collaborations, stronger growth and greater reach to enable even more support for impact projects.

The transition to GOOD

We are converting the search engine step-by-step. The mobile apps and browser extensions will also be updated with the new website. For our users, the update will take place automatically in the background and they will not have to perform any additional installations. For our cooperation partners, a few technical adjustments are required. They will receive individual support and consultation to make the changeover smoothly.

This is GOOD

GOOD is a search engine that uses all revenue to support impact projects. The founders of GOOD are David Diallo, Kevin Fuchs and Andreas Renner. With the new name, we are moving a bit more visibly closer to the Good Family and its members, such as Good News, Good Jobs, etc., among others. Thanks to the foundation structure, however, GOOD remains 100% independent. More about transparency

GOOD for the world

GOOD is located in Berlin, Freiburg and Vienna, but works all over the world! We want our search engine GOOD to be used worldwide. Therefore, the search with GOOD is available internationally and multilingual. Our projects also work and drive impact all over the world.


No, as a user you do not have to do anything. The changeover takes place automatically in the background. Our partners who use individualized solutions are supported by us during the changeover.

With the rebranding, we are unlocking a number of new features that make searching the Internet even more enjoyable and targeted, such as the enhanced Wikipedia widget or additional filter functions, among others. We are also adding even higher security standards.

No, the corporate structure has not changed. We have already transferred the company shares of Good Search UG to the non-profit Good Impact Foundation in 2020.

As a social enterprise, we operate on a non-profit basis. We are the only search engine from Europe that is fully embedded in a non-profit framework, the non-profit foundation Good Impact holds 100% of the company shares. With GOOD, all revenues from the search engine currently flow into the project portfolio.

Good Search is our company name and GOOD our Internet search engine. Under the umbrella of Good Search we operate other products and services.

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