Gexsi is part of the purpose economy. We use our search engine revenues to support social entrepreneurs who contribute to the 17 Global Goals. One way to source the projects that we support is through our challenges.

We congratulate all winning teams of our Gexsi Impact Challenges, thank our partners Enactus Germany and SensAbility and all participating teams to make this series of competitions possible. In 2021, we supported the Enactus Startup Accelerator for the second time, while this year we are planning further awards – stay tuned!


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Become a Gexsi Impact Challenge Partner!

We are actively looking for partners to run Impact Challenges. If you have reach to an exciting group of young, entrepreneurial impact projects whose stories are worth sharing to a wider audience, or if you like to engage as a sponsoring partner, let us know!

Past Challenges

Gexsi Social Pitch

When: July 2020
Partner: SensAbility – WHU Business School
Winner: Mango Solar
Award: 2500€ Impact Loan
Community Awards: Grome, Pompei Project / 500€ each

When: December 2019
Winner: Health4Bees
Award: 2500€ Impact Loan

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We continuously like to learn about inspiring social entrepreneurship initiatives, as we support projects not only through our Impact Challenge Series.